Injury and Violence

Violence and injury are among the leading of causes of death, disability, and lost potential life in the United States and globally.  Georgia State University faculty members are particularly strong in interpersonal and domestic violence research. The violence research being conducted at GSU can be organized into multiple substantive dimensions, including: offender-based projects, victim-based projects, and evaluation research in the area of community and justice system responses to violence.

Volkan Topalli is involved in offender-based research. Julia Perilla conducts evaluation research on domestic violence programs. In addition, Monica Swahn’s research interests pertain to how different forms of violent behaviors are interrelated and how substance use contributes to violent behaviors. Jonathan Todres’ research focuses on children’s rights issues, particularly those related to trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children. Barbara Warner conducts research in a variety of areas, including violent crime, community differences in the nature of crime, informal social control, and models of justice.