Targeting the Social Determinants of Disparities in Health 
2013 Urban Health Lecture & Keynote Speaker for the 2013 Urban Health Disparities Summit

Dr. David Satcher, M.D.
Introduced by Dr. Richard Rothenberg, M.D., Regents’ Professor of public health at Georgia State University.

Our goal for the Urban Health Disparities Summit 2013 was to showcase national and local scholarship on understanding and ameliorating health disparities, as well as to forage a collaborative plan of action to reduce these disparities.

Every person experiences conditions in their social environment, physical environment and access to health care that have huge influences on their health. The differences in these experiences caused by race, socioeconomic status, gender and place can lead to differences in health outcomes called disparities. These influences and the outcomes often cluster and act together in a way that actually worsens the overall health status. We call these interactions and the resulting outcomes syndemics of disparity. This is the overall theme of the Center of Excellence on Health Disparities Research (CoEx).

Dr. David Satcher M.D. is director of The Satcher Health Leadership Institute, which was established in 2006 at the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta. Currently, he serves on the Board of Directors of Johnson & Johnson, MetLife and the CDC Foundation. He also serves locally on the board of United Way of Greater Atlanta and The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta.

In 1998, Satcher was sworn in as the 16th Surgeon General of the United States. He also served as Assistant Secretary for Health in the Department of Health and Human Services from February 1998 to January 2001, making him only the second person in history to have held both positions simultaneously. His tenure of public service also includes serving as director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and administrator of the Toxic Substances and Disease Registry from 1993 to 1998. He is the first person to have served as director of the CDC and then surgeon general of the United States.