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Andrew Young School of Policy Studies

Charles Courtemanche
Research Interests: 
Economics of obesity, public policies to expand insurance coverage, and big box retailers

James Marton
Research Interests: Health insurance financing, Medicaid, SCHIP, & child health

Elizabet Rutstrom
Research Interests: Risk perceptions and risk attitudes among rural residents making wild fire management decisions and among drivers facing congestion charges during their daily commute

Rusty Tchernis
Research Interests: Economics of childhood obesity

Ann-Margaret Esnard
Research Interests: U
rban planning, disaster planning, vulnerability assessment, and GIS/spatial analysis
Dean Dabney
Research Interests: Criminal offending & crime control in an organizational context, drug markets, & qualitative methods

Brent Teasdale
Research Interests: Mental health, crime, & criminal justice, Substance abuse prevention & community contexts of crime

Volkan Topalli
Research Interests: Urban violence, drug markets, offender decision-making, and the psychology of crime

Barbara Warner, PhD
Research Interests: Crime/violence prevention through community informal social control

Robin Hartinger-Saunders
Research Interests: Youth violence, child maltreatment

Jan Ivery
Research Interests: Collaborative partnerships, capacity building, community organization and development, HIV/AIDS, and gerontology.

Terri Lewinson
Research Interests: Housing, home environments, and oncology social work practice.

Lionel D. Scott, PhD, MSW
Research Interests: Racial disparities in mental health service use; sociocultural determinants of health disparities; ethnic minority youth and older foster youth

School of Nursing

Dawn Aycock
Research Interests:
Stroke prevention in African Americans, specifically among young adults and those with a family history of stroke

Susan Breslin
Research Interests: Quality Improvement

Fayron Epps
Research Interests: Promoting quality of life for persons with dementia and their family caregivers (Alzheimer’s Disease, family caregiving, religiosity, health disparities)

Ashley Helvig
Research Interests: Examining the impact of impaired sleep on insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes

Susan Kelley
Research Interests:
 She is the founder and director of Project Healthy Grandparents at Georgia State University, a research/community service program that aids grandparents raising grandchildren in parent-absent homes.

Kellie Mayfield
Research Interests: She is interested in and has experience working with multiple disciplines such as (Urban) Geography, Family Studies, Community Sustainability, Social Justice and Sociology. She is also interested in exploring additional variables that influence food intake and indicators of health, such as sleep and stress.

Anita Nucci
Research Interests: Type I diabetes & pediatric intestinal failure

Robert Pettignano
Research Interests:
Endeavors in quality improvement, the impact of Medical-Legal Partnership on disparate populations

College of Arts and Sciences

Sarita Davis
Research Interests: HIV prevention education & sexual health in the African American community

Jamae Morris
Research Interests: Anthropology; Public Health; Health, behavior, education, and race; Evaluating the effectiveness of new technologies for reducing infant diarrhea and improving antenatal care in eastern Kenya; Identifying social and cultural dynamics that impact the sexual health decision making of young black women in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Cassandra White
Research Interests: Cultural anthropology, medical anthropology, Hansen’s disease (leprosy), stigma, Brazilian culture, Latin America, immigration, racial identity, gender, & social stratification
Eric Friginal
Department: Applied Linguistics & ESL
Research Interests: Corpus-based discourse analysis, the language of healthcare interactions, and ethnographic research
Yuki Fujioka
Research Interests: Audience responses to health & race-related information (HIV/AIDS & mental illness), eHealth, underserved populations, and health literacy

Cynthia Hoffner
Research Interests: Psychology of media (uses & effects) and emotional responses to media, Media & health (specifically mental health)

Holley Wilkin, Ph.D.
Research Interest: Health literacy, health disparities, community health, health communication campaigns, & entertainment-education

Xiaolin Hu
Research Interests: M
odeling and simulation, complex systems science, agent and multi-agent system, and parallel and distributed computing
Dajun Dai, Ph.D.
Research Interests: Geographic Information Sciences (GIS), computational methods (genetic algorithms, artificial neural networks, agent-based model), environmental health and exposure, spatial epidemiology, urban health and wellness, and homeland security.

Daniel Deocampo
Research Interests: Environmental mineralogy , geochemistry, water and soil resources, geology & human health, Sedimentology, mineralogy, & archaeological geology.

Katherine Hankins
Research interests: Urban geography with emphases on the changing role of the state; neighborhood and community identities and institutions; and changing retail geographies.

Chivon Mingo, Ph.D.
Research Interests: Psychology, health disparities and aging
Anthony Lemieux, Ph.D.
Research Interests: Motivations for terrorism and violent extremism, health behavior change

Ellis Adams, Ph.D.
Research Interests: The intersection of human-environment interactions in cities, poor urban and peri-urban, and informal settlements of Sub-Saharan Africa

Jeff Qin
Research Interests: Developing statistical methods for health services research and diagnostic medicine

Yichuan Zhao
Research Interests: Transmission dynamics of HIV and STDs, general epidemiology, cancer prevention and control etc.

Michael Black
Research Interests: Animal Behavior, Behavioral Neuroscience, Marine Biology, Sustainability
Page Anderson
Research Interests: Anxiety disorders, virtual reality, culturally informed treatment

Gabriel Kuperminc
Research Interests: Adolescent/youth development & immigrant families, Prevention of school violence, teen pregnancy, & substance abuse

Ciara Smalls
Research Interests: Examining the roles of identity and parenting on diminished risks for communities of color with particular emphasis on academic and psychosocial outcomes for African American youth

Kevin Swartout
Research Interests: Violence and Substance abuse

Jung Ha Kim
Research Interests: Access for Asians Communities

Mathew Gayman
Research Interests: Health Disparities, Stress Process, Life Course

Deirdre Oakley
Research Interests: Housing inequality & urban disadvantage, GIS & spatial analysis

Erin Ruel, Ph.D.
Research Interests: Social class, institutional discrimination, & health disparities

Eric Wright
Research Interests: Social and public policy responses to mental health and illness, substance use and addictions, sexual health, and HIV/STI prevention

Amy Spring
Research Interests: Community and Urban Sociology, Demography, Residential Mobility, and Spatial Inequality

College of Education

John Kesner
Research Interests:
Associate professor for the College of Education & Human Development’s Department of Early Childhood and Elementary Education and the director of Saturday School for Scholars and Leaders

Mona Matthews
Research Interests: Cross-disciplinary research merging child development (personal and social resources) and literacy (birth to grade five literacy development; reading acquisition);
Application of learner-centered pedagogy in higher education

Janice Fournillier
Research Interests: Qualitative Research Methodologies; Cultural Studies; Teaching and learning practices in non school contexts and urban contexts; Teacher Education; Writing qualitative manuscripts; Program evaluation

Joyce King
Research Interests: Education research / curriculum interventions for cultural well-being, heritage preservation and pan-ethnic identity development to support urban community health and renewal

David Houchins
Research Interests: Secondary-transition for students with mild disabilities, Juvenile justice, Literacy instruction, Evidence-informed practices
Rebecca Ellis
Research Interests: Psychology of physical activity

Jeff Otis
Research Interests: Development of skeletal muscle myopathies that occur secondary to chronic disease.

Walter Thompson
Research Interests: The improvement of our citizens who live in the inner city of Atlanta.

College of Law

Courtney Anderson
Research Interests: 
Health Law; Transactional Law and Community and Economic Development; Affordable Housing and Health Disparities

Lisa Bliss
Research Interests: 
Health Law, Disability Law, Experiential Education, Clinical Legal Education, Legal Education Reform

Sylvia Caley
Research Interests: Devastating effect that serious illness has on families, and how solving legal problems can help to improve the health and social well-being of low-income children.

Karen Johnston
Research Interests: Land Use Law, Environmental Law, Urban Law and Policy, Comparative Law

Stacie Kershner
Research Interests: Associate director for the Center for Law, Health and Society, manages new and ongoing center programs, projects, and activities, including overseeing educational programming; coordinating public relations activities; and developing grant opportunities.

Charity Scott
Research Interests: Founding director (2004-2014) of the Center for Law, Health & Society. Scott teaches various courses on healthcare law and policy, bioethics, tort law, negotiation and mediation.

Jonathan Todres
Research Interest: Children's rights, human rights, international law, and health law issues

Leslie E. Wolf
Research Interest: Health and public health law and ethics, and research ethics

School of Public Health

Lisa Casanova
Research Interests: Urban disparities in Environmental Exposure

Michael Eriksen
Research Interests: 
Tobacco Control, Cancer Prevention, Urban Health, Global Health, Chronic Diseases & Determinants; Dean of the School of Public Health and Director of the Partnership for Urban Health Research

Christina Fuller
Research Interests:
 Air pollution, Environmental Justice, Community-engaged research

Roby Greenwald
Research Interests: Measuring the ways in which air pollution influences human health, and much of his work involves the development of unique sampling systems for assessing exposure to air pollution in special microenvironments such as inside vehicles while commuting.

Dora Il’yasova
Research Interests:
Biomarkers of reduction-oxidation (redox) status (most often referred to as oxidative status) and the biomarkers’ relationship to chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease

Betty Lai
Research Interests:
 Biostatistics, Child Trauma, Clinical Psychology

John Lutzker
Research Interests: Child neglect and maltreatment prevention

Matthew Magee
Research Interests: The intersection of metabolic disorders and infectious diseases, principally the relation between diabetes mellitus and tuberculosis

Kim Ramsey-White
Research Interests:
Education reform initiatives, health disparities and social capital

Richard Rothenberg, MD, MPH, FACP
Research Interests: Transmission dynamics of HIV & STDs, General Epidemiology, Preventive Medicine

John Steward
Research Interests: Urban Health, Healthy Communities and built environment, Public Health Management, Practice, and Preparedness, Injury Prevention, Environmental Health; Program Manager of the Partnership for Urban Health Research

Sheryl Strasser
Research Interests: Elder mistreatment & older adult health

Monica Swahn
Research Interest: Adolescent health, substance use, violence (broadly defined), & international comparisons

Scott Weaver
Research Interest: Quantitative and statistical methods, Health disparities in immigrant & ethnic minority populations

Daniel Whitaker
Research Interests: Child maltreatment prevention & partner violence prevention